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Therapeutic Exercise Prescription/Self-Tissue Management System

Dr. Jenn believes that the only way for her patients to maintain the changes that occurs with her manual/mechanical interventions is through postural and positional re-training, neuromuscular re-education and Self Tissue Management.

Dr. Jenn believes that it is very important that her patients know how to take care of their own bodies during and after rehab is over.  Part of the process of “being well” is to build your own knowledge base and “tool box” to be able to perform daily techniques to prevent further injuries from occurring and enhancing quality of life and/or athletic performance.

Dr. Jenn is certified in Owens Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) technique, however due to limitations, she utilizes B Strong BFR cuffs for rehabilitation.


Dr. Jenn uses myrehabexercise to create and track prescribed exercises.

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