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About Jennifer

Dr. Jenn has been working in healthcare for over 26 years, starting as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1992. She worked as an LMT for ten years and put herself through undergrad and grad school in many different settings with one goal in mind… to be a Physical Therapist. In 1999, she​ graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Corporate Fitness and Wellness and Athletic Training. In 2002, she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at A.T. Still University.


Dr. Jenn has had a very wide and diverse physical therapy career spanning from pediatric population in an educational setting, in-patient and acute care, home health, fitness and wellness centers and outpatient settings.


As healthcare is evolving, so is Dr. Jenn.  While working full time in an outpatient setting, Dr. Jenn created LIFT Therapeutics, LLC in 2014 for the sole purpose to be able to spend more TIME with her patients.


Dr. Jenn has so much passion for patient care that her ultimate goal was to be able to spend a full hour with each of her patients, providing true one-on- one highly skilled physical therapy focused on a more holistic approach.

Empowering Human Potential

Dr. Jenn is in the business of empowering human potential and figuring out human movement… one body at a time. She utilizes an exhaustive, systematic and evidence-based evaluation process that looks at the body as a whole and how and what kind of environment it interacts with in order to create a comprehensive plan of care.


Dr. Jenn's evaluation process also helps her to determine what type of manual and/or mechanical treatments will treat the SOURCE of the pain and NOT the symptoms.


Dr. Jenn has spent her entire career seeking, learning and perfecting many different​ kinds of manual therapy techniques. The type of manual therapy she

provides is very dynamic and functional, which requires interaction and participation from patient throughout every session.


Dr. Jenn started CrossFitting in 2009 and it was a life changing experience for her. With a background in gymnastics, running and rock climbing, she took to it quickly and it made such a huge impact on her.  In fact, she saw it as a way to help instill her own personal passion for human movement in other people and started coaching large group classes, including mobility classes, as well as continuing to pursue specialty certification courses in CrossFit.


Olympic weightlifting soon became an area of interest and she started working with specialty coaches and certification courses to learn all the intricacies of the sport.


From 2011-2015, Dr. Jenn moved away from coaching and into the sport of competition in CrossFit and competed regionally with CrossFit Magna in 2013 and then with Urban WarFit in 2014.


CrossFit and weight lifting is a way of life for Dr. Jenn and one that she will always follow, for not only a baseline for fitness, but for a lifestyle. Dr. Jenn speaks the language of CrossFit and understands the programming and how to modify and scale any movement included in CrossFit to allow you to train around and through injury or pain.

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