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Soft Tissue and Joint Tissue Mobilization/Manipulation

Developing these manual therapy skills at such a high level takes years and years of practice.  Dr. Jenn is constantly seeking, learning and perfecting many different kinds of manual therapy techniques and has acquired many different certifications through the years.  The type of manual therapy she provides is very dynamic and functional and designed to create immediate changes in human tissue.

In 2020, Dr. Jenn started training the Stecco Fascial Manipulation model.

As an extension of her hands, she also utilizes myo-facial mobility with pneumatic cupping iASTM (instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobility) and percussion/deep tissue vibration. In addition to soft tissue and joint tissue mobilizations, Dr. Jenn also performs spinal manipulations when necessary.

Dr. Jenn uses cupping to increase localized “microcirculation” of superficial tissues. The use of cups in combination with Dry Needling and other soft tissue/joint tissue mobilization can help to decrease pain and inflammation. Dr. Jenn uses cups in multiple variations to increase blood flow in a more dynamic way.

The primary goal of spinal manipulations is to restore normal gliding motion of joints and involves a single thrust-type of movement into a restrictive barrier and is considered HVLA (High Velocity Low Amplitude), which is a very safe and efficient way to manipulate joints.

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