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Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation $165

 1 hour one-on-one Physical Therapy session $150

Dr. Jenn works for the patient, not the insurance companies and the way she practices physical therapy is very different than what you would experience in an insurance-based practice. Due to insurance companies reimbursing less and less for treatments, it is very common for a physical therapist to be responsible to see 2-4 patients at a time, which makes it very difficult and near impossible to spend an appropriate amount of dedicated time with each patient to provide skilled techniques directly from the physical therapist. Therefore, the utilization of aides or techs are required to administer passive modalities and teach basic exercise programs designed by the physical therapist. In addition, it is very common to take several weeks/visits to create positive changes.

Dr. Jenn provides true one-on-one highly skilled physical therapy for a FULL HOUR in a very unique setting providing the most innovative and advanced physical therapy, which gets your body to heal FASTER.


All new patients need to contact Dr. Jenn Hallquist directly at (602) 909-8287 for a phone consultation prior to scheduling. For voice mails, please leave your full name, contact information and referral source.

All current patients can manage their schedule here.

If you do not see convenient times available in the schedule, please contact Dr. Jenn Hallquist at (602) 909-8287 so that she can do her best to accommodate.

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